Teamwork makes the dream work ...

Although I have spent countless hours working on these cards and associated resources, the deck simply could not have come together without the publicly available works and resources listed here. From myself, and on behalf of all learners using the deck, our thanks go out to:

Dictionaries and Community Courses

LingaLibre Pronunciation Audio Files

The pronunciation audio provided in the deck is thanks to the LingaLibre project which aims to "Keep linguistic diversity alive and preserve the fragile treasure of orality by recording the words, phrases and proverbs of your (our/nia) language."
LingaLibre's entire collection of Esperanto pronunciation files can be found here.
The deck uses pronunciation files from following speakers/recorders:
Attributions for those files used in the deck are included in both the html and the data fields of individual cards, are displayed on the card page, and are also listed here collectively.

Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

CC0 Universal Public Domain or Public Domain