I enjoy donating my spare time working on these cards, the website, and associated resources. In addition to just creating and publishing the deck, I also choose to develop and host related resources such as this website with handy features like a public card search, and a private app to manage the deck and facilitate making updates. Hosting does cost some money which I contribute to the project.
There are many ways you can help and support!


You can help by spreading the word, and being an active part of the user community.


If you are an Esperantisto who is also a PHP developer or a front end UI developer (CSS, JS, HTML), and want to help with the next update to Esperanto.Cards let me know!
If your coding skills lie elsewhere (nodejs, mongo, express, etc) I may be working on such a project for soon!


If you'd like to help offset the costs of maintaining you can make a monetary donation via Paypal. (There is a 3% service fee for this transaction)