To get started you need two things:
  1. Anki Desktop
  2. The Esperanto.Cards Deck

Download each at the links above, and install the Anki application.

Once Anki is running, double click on the Esperanto.Cards deck to load it. (Once it is loaded you can delete the downloaded file)

To study on the web, or another device, you may want to also get:

  1. a free Ankiweb account
  2. an Anki iOS app or Android app

Once you have those things, just launch your Anki app (or study in a browser), by signing in to and syning with your Ankiweb account.

If you already have the Esperanto.Cards deck installed, updating to the latest verstion is easy. Simply follow these steps:
  1. Download the updated version of The Esperanto.Cards Deck
  2. Open your Anki desktop client
  3. Double click on the downloaded deck to install the update

To sync the update to another device, or to study on the web, you'll also need to:

  1. Sync your Anki descktop client with your Ankiweb Account to upload the update to your Ankiweb account
  2. Sync your iOS or Android devices with Ankiweb to download the newly updated deck from your Ankiweb account

More information will be added to this site over time. Untl then, you might find the following sites helpful: